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What about Positive Ticketing?

December 29, 2010

Smokey Bear bookmarkThere's a lot of ticket writing done for offenders. How about trying a little reverse psychology and start Positive Ticketing!

Forest Protection Technician, Gary Horsman of Kamloops Fire Centre, recently approached us about this idea. Gary says "I have seen other fire centres in Canada and across the USA using a small business card with a pin attached. The card has a safety message that campers can refer to when we "catch" them applying all safety measures around the campfire.

The pin acts as a keepsake and reminder of the good behaviour. When I mentioned this concept to Tracy she suggested applying the pin to a more keepable item like a bookmark."

The advantage of the bookmarks, Tracy explains, is that they are more likely to be retained as a keepsake, as reading is a common activity while on vacation. In addition, because they are twice the size of a business card they offer more room to communicate the safety message.

The colourful bookmarks featuring the timeless retro smokey bear artwork are popular with campers.

"It is far more pleasant to be able to reward campers in compliance with our fire safety regulations rather than only writing the far more negative tickets to offenders."

The bookmarks can be ordered with or with the lapel pins and can be customized with logos and contact numbers.

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