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Smokey Bear Smart Card Pack

Smokey Bear Smart Card Pack

Kids love opening presents, and how more presentable can your message be than with using Smart Card packs. Make learning fun and most importantly, memorable.

Each Smart Card pack comes loaded with fun activities and novelties that children love including: 4 Smokey Bear Retro Artwork Trading Cards with activities on the back plus 2 crayons, a Tattoo and a Sticker.

Great for collecting and trading.

Note: the actual composition of the smartcard packs may vary based on availability of products.

Qty ID Design Package Unit Price Price  
SC01 Series 1 Pack 100 Packs 2.99 each $299.00 CAD
SC01 Series 1 Pack 500 Packs 2.29 each $1,145.00 CAD
SC01 Series 1 Pack 1000 Packs 1.99 each $1,990.00 CAD
SC01 Series 1 Pack 2000 Packs 1.49 each $2,980.00 CAD
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