Help Smokey Bear Prevent Wildfires

Smokey Bear Posters 18x24

SMA902 Be Sure SMA902 Be Sure SMA903 Care 1944 SMA904 Please 1956 SMA905 Remember Only You 1959 SMA906 Why 1960 SMA907 Remember Babes 1973 SMA908 Only You Mask 1987
SMA909 Only You Binoculars SMA910 Smokeys Friends SMA911 Think before you Strike SMA912 Please - Matchbook SMA913 Prevent Forest Fires SMA914 Think SMA916 Shameful Waste
SMA917 If Not You Who SMA919 Thanks for Listening SMA920 Only You - Smokey SMA921 Only You - Matchbook SMA922 Only You... We Cant
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 High-Gloss, Full Color Posters

  • Choose from 6 different sizes
  • Gloss Aqueous coating
  • Two paper choices: 100# Gloss Book and 100# Gloss Cover

Note: Cropping may be slightly different than shown

Qty ID Design Package Stock Dimensions Price  
SP18B 1 Poster Gloss Book 55.00 each $55.00 CAD
SP18B 100 Posters Gloss Book 8.00 each $800.00 CAD
SP18B 500 Posters Gloss Book 1.70 each $850.00 CAD
SPD 1000 Posters Gloss Book 1.00 each $1,000.00 CAD
SPD Add your Logo $50.00 CAD
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