Help Smokey Bear Prevent Wildfires

How about putting Smokey’s Mug... on a Mug?

December 29, 2010

Looking for a method to keep Smokey's Prevent Wildfire messages in the hands of campers, consider putting them on a mug. When you factor in the likelihood that a mug is likely to be retained and repeated used they become a surprisingly economical method for communicating Public Service Announcements.

Personalized mugs are ideal promotional items for a number of reasons. For starters, most people really do not worry about owning all matching coffee mugs, and thus they are very likely to keep a cost-free mug inside their kitchen cabinets. A lot of people love to collect items such as personalized mugs and keep them for life. And children love to get their Hot Chocolate in a colorful Smokey Bear mug.

If you give away these items as gifts during trade shows, they are likely to be retained for years. People love to be appreciated for what they do, by giving campers coffee mugs with Smokey Bear messages on them for Campfire safety is a positive way to reward positive behavior. Whatever method is used to distribute the mugs they are likely to sit in a kitchen cabinet for many years.

However, the fantastic thing about mugs is the fact that they don't just sit in the kitchen cupboard. They are used by people on a regular basis. North Americans, let's face it, are completely addicted to coffee as well as other hot drinks. Who cares what coffee mug you pull out of the cupboard at six in the early morning? People are just as likely to use your mug as the one from the fancy coffee company or from the related set that goes with their dishes.

It is indeed a good thing if you can keep getting the Prevent Wildfire message in the public eye all year round, even more so when the message is inside peoples homes. If you are creative enough to think about ways to present safety messages in an engaging format, your mug will be retained for years.

When you factor in the likelihood a mug will be retained, their value far exceeds that of cheaper items that are quickly discarded. And mugs are probably not as expensive as you might think. We are constantly searching out inexpensive manufacturers and with the advent of new printing techniques, personalization and branding of mugs come in at a price point that can meet most budgets.

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